In this talk, Calvin Chrustie, a former RCMP officer addresses the issue of money laundering and organized crimes in Canada focusing on the role of the Islamic Government of Iran (IRI). The issue of billions of dollars flowing into Canada by rogue governments such as the IRI through illegal channels has worried the Iranian communities in the diaspora for many years. One reason is that these funds have fed activities to silence critics of the IRI and influence Canadian policies towards the IRI. Calvin Chrustie is a former RCMP Senior Operation Officer responsible for combating transnational organized crimes and money laundering. He will share his vast knowledge and experience in the field with the audience focusing on how the IRI manages to channel illegal funds into Canada. The Iranian Diaspora Network (IDN) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization formed by a few prominent members of the Iranian-Canadian community to bridge the Iranian-Canadians community with the larger Canadian society, mainstream media, and policymakers. The main focus of our activities is on elevating knowledge around Iran and the Iranian communities in the diaspora and encouraging discussions around these issues.

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